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Sample Programmes - Team Skills for Work Teams (3 Days)

This Course is aimed at Current Teams in the Work Place or Newly Formed Teams that intend to Develop a Greater Awareness of Team Skills and the Dynamics of a Successful and Effective Team.

Day 1

0900 Gather, Tea / Coffee
0930 Introductions, Programme Aims and Objectives: -
To Experience the true value of working in an Effective and Positive Team Environment
To Develop a Clear Understanding of each Individual’s Responsibility within a Team.
0950 Kolb’s Learning Cycle and the Unlearning Cycle
1000 Activity Introduction and Parameters: - Canoeing
An activity that involves all the team and requires group and task organisation skills – problem solving
1005 Activity Planning Phase
1100 Activity Operation Phase
1300 Activity Conclusion
1330 Lunch Break
1415 Activity Review – Focus on the Team’s performance and Individual observations leading to main conclusions
1510 Input – Organisation Skills
1530 Tea Break
1550 Create a working organisation structure
1615 Activity to test the agreed working structure
1625 Activity Planning Phase
1650 Activity Operation Phase
1730 Activity Conclusion
1740 Review of the working team, its organisation and conclusions
1815 Close of Day 1

Main Issues for Day

A Positive Team Environment
Individual Responsibility in Teams
Team Organisation

Supporting Issues

Time Management

Day 2

0900 Gather – Tuning in and Overview of the day
0910 Input – Team Roles – Where do you fit in?
1000 Activity to highlight Team Roles – Introduction and Parameters - Caterpillar
1015 Activity Planning Phase
1045 Coffee Break
1100 Operation Phase
1200 Activity Conclusion
1215 Lunch Break
1300 Review of Team’s Performance and the roles taken
1400 Input – Communication Skills, sending and receiving
1430 Communication Activity - Introduction and Parameters - Tent
1440 Activity Planning Phase
1510 Tea Break
1530 Activity Operation Phase
1630 Activity Conclusion
1640 Review of Team Communication and Team Progression
1730 Team Skills Audit and Feedback – Actual and Preferred
1800 Close of Day 2

Main Issues for Day 2

Team Roles

Supporting Issues

Time Management

Day 3

0900 Gather – Tuning in and Overview of the day
0910 Activity to reinforce areas covered on Days 1 & 2
Introduction and Parameters
1000 Activity Planning Phase
1015 Activity Operation Phase
1100 Activity Conclusion
1115 Coffee Break
1135 Activity Review – Focusing on the Overall Team Performance, key strengths and areas to address
1225 Lunch Break
1340 Giving Feedback – Johari Window
1400 Individual Feedback in pairs or trios
1500 Tea Break
1520 Team focus – Force Field Analysis
1600 Agreeing the Priorities for this Team
1730 Close of Programme

Main Issues for Day
Team Roles
Time Management

Supporting Issues


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