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Achieving a Balance

The needs of an Organisation and the needs of Individuals within it, can present a climate where both are in continual conflict with each other.
By placing the emphasis where possible, to make the needs of individuals a necessary priority; Organisations are reaping the benefits of a caring environment with a workforce that is much more likely to be well motivated, fresh, enthusiastic and loyal.

A number of forward thinking companies are building for the future by recognising these values and actively recruiting staff by encouraging them to place their individual and family needs on a high priority level.

In doing so these companies are attempting to safe guard their staff against the pressures and the accumulation of work related stress, ultimately leading to average enthusiasm and poor work performance, together with many health related problems and ‘burnt out’ employees.

Escape believes in encouraging an awareness of individual needs during our courses, recognising that maximum learning and transfer can be achieved in a positive climate where the balance between experiencing, reviewing, concluding reflecting and relaxation, all have their place.


The requirement to achieve a satisfactory balance between Quality and Quantity in the workplace creates an ever-present dilemma for a company.
Many of today’s leading Organisations have recognised the delicate balance that exists and the need to achieve an equity between the two, in achieving optimum results both in the short but more particularly long term.

Escape runs programmes with a high emphasis on Quality, being well aware that a programme with little time set aside for reflection and review is detrimental to the process of learning.
We aim to achieve a balance with an emphasis on the Quality of Delivery to maximise learning.


Escape promotes learning in a non-threatening, positive and well-managed environment as a foundation to all that we do.

We believe that taking time out to review performance is the most effective medium for promoting development and lasting learning.

We work in a positive and open climate so that people are receptive to comments and perceptions whether confirming good practice or highlighting areas to work on.

All reviews follow the format of making progress towards better performance by confirming good practice, highlighting areas where improvements could be made and actively agreeing how to ensure good practice and continual improvement is maintained.

We encourage participants to record key points during courses and we provide relevant, thought provoking, written information to support theories and areas discussed, in the form of a course folder.


At Escape we recognise the Quality of Learning to be gained from an approach that gives its course members the time to reflect on the key issues and the space to consider solutions in a progressive and supportive environment.

Research suggests that whilst at rest the brain is able to perform functions that can promote learning and understanding.

We recognise that our courses should offer a balance between experience, reviewing, concluding and reflecting to accommodate different individual learning styles.

Valuing Your Staff

The most valuable, innovative and productive resource of any organisation is without question, people.
Many companies and individuals recognise this fact, but still put their full emphasis into the daily nuts and bolts of production, sales, cash flow etc. with less regard for the effect on its individuals.
Obtaining a balance between these priorities is indicated as a key factor in effective organisations.

Consider the fact that 90% of an Organisation’s problems can be solved at grass roots levels with good communication. It then follows that valuing the contributions and encouraging the opinions of each and every member of staff can give a company the cutting edge in making well-informed decisions and choices.

The following observation is by a Deputy Chairman of a Multi National Company whilst attending one day of a five day Leadership and Team Skills Course for Supervisors.

‘Until today, I had not recognised the strength and depth of ability of the people working within this company. If in the future we value and fully utilise the abilities of all of our staff then this company has the potential to exceed all expectations whilst maintaining a trusted, motivated and empowered workforce’.

Escape actively encourages organisations to promote a positive climate where honest individual contributions, without retribution, are foundation values that lead to an enlightened approach in how we conduct our business activities.

The ability to actively consider the needs of people, is a quality found in all truly effective teams and organisations.

People First

As a foundation for all our business activities we believe in a ‘People First’ approach whenever possible. Such a focus enables us to keep ‘In tune’ with the developmental needs of Individuals and to gain valuable feedback which enables us to ensure that each course we run maximises on relevance for our course members.

Companies adopting a People First approach whenever possible experience increased returns in enthusiasm, motivation, loyalty and output from their staff.

It makes ultimate sense when recognising people as the most valuable asset of any company, to protect and nurture their development and well - being.


Escape gives safety, priority above all else.
Our Courses range from indoor based programmes, to more active programmes outside. All our courses focus on Challenging Management Skills rather than the survival ability of individuals.
From whichever end of the spectrum, Escape courses offer an exacting, enjoyable and meaningful approach.

All personnel hold appropriate National Governing Body awards and we maintain favourable tutor ratios with groups to maximise learning and safety.

Escape Back at Work

Whilst recognising Skills, Techniques and Best Practice in our courses at Escape, our aim is to provide individuals and teams with the ingredients, skills and awareness to better manage their environment at work.

By improving the environment, teams and individuals can effectively ‘Escape’ from, or reduce the effect of, the day-to-day pressures that arise or are created by inefficiencies or a lack of awareness within an organisation.

We do not promise to remove all pressure but we do promise however, that by applying the skills and techniques that our courses highlight, an organisation can go a long way to reducing the levels of stress encountered on a daily basis and can create a work environment where support within a team is infectious.

Simplicity, Honesty and Integrity

Simplicity, honesty and integrity epitomise the very core of our activities at Escape.
We encourage Organisations, Teams, Leaders and Individuals to strive for these attributes, whilst attending our courses but more importantly to transfer them back into the heart of the work environment.

Hands on Experience

At Escape we apply Kolb’s Learning cycle to the design of all courses
in our efforts to obtain maximum learning and retention. We know of no better way than to provide groups and individuals with the opportunity to experience situations at first hand by being fully involved in practical, thought provoking enjoyable exercises. We then apply Kolb’s learning cycle around the experience.

Escape based in Derbyshire Tel: 01773 599687 Email: info@escape-uk.com